Paul Pogba & His Crazy Cool Hair – 2016

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 Paul Pogba & His Crazy Cool Hair - 2016

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Did his wild crazy cool hair help Paul Pogba, the professional soccer star, with his world record transfer to Manchester United from Italy’s Juventus? The deal for the French superstar, who also plays for the French National Team, was for £100 Million (or £105 Million or £89 million) and this is pounds, approximately $1,302,000.00. This makes him the most expensive footballer of all time, according to Wikipedia.   The signing came with a deluge of promotional pr which includes videos, complete with a body double, photos, massive media on the very first day. (Yes, that’s him signing today with Manchester United, top right.) See some of his recent hair, shavings and the latest will be – the Manchester United Red Devil emblem shaved into the side of his hair to wear with his new No. 6 red shirt. (With thanks to La Coupe’s Charles Booth who bombarded me with Pogba, his hair, his football fame, um, I should say soccer!) To read more on Pogba,, click HERE

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