John Sahag Ponytail Extravaganza – 1997

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John Sahag Ponytail Extravaganza – 1997

Photo: © David Webber

The legendary John Sahag somtimes sketched his hair ideas before a fashion show. As he did here for the Gen Art NY Fashion Week Show for Fall 1997. And look at the result of the bottom sketch! Not just a ponytail!

Hair was designed with a lot of action – for one designer, a ponytail extravaganza!  This show was a “Tour de Force” for John Sahag, always an original, and featured 8 up and coming fashion designers who each designed 10 outfits. Sahag and his Workshop Team created 8 different – and unique – hair looks, one for each designer. It’s worth a click to see the hair. At the end of the album, some of what went on behind the scenes, click here: 

Hair and Sketch, John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Photo: David Webber