The Presidential Wave – 1980

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The Presidential Wave - 1980

Vidal Sassoon’s Presidential Wave, 1980

For Election Year, 1980, Vidal Sassoon elected The Presidential Wave by Barbara Melser of the Vidal Barber Shop in NY.  My tongue in cheek press release stated that The VS Poll interviewed its prestige Barber Shops in NY, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto and predicted victory in November for its Fall 1980 Men’s Campaign.

When this was photographed, in my office one Sunday, it was hoped Edward Kennedy would be nominated with his similar hairstyle!    However, The Presidential Wave was an interesting movement, with new proportions and mood, democratically romantic as well as classically conservative, and was influenced by the women’s Soft Cubism Collection which had enjoyed such success in Vidal Sassoon’s Summer 1980 Campaign. For more, click HERE

Hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop. NY, 1980 … Model: Burt Kyle …Jacket and Shirt: Thierry Mugler …Photo: Gregory Kitchen …Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim.