Seen On Scene Chic Neon Blue Hair – 2018

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Seen On Scene Chic Neon Hair - 2018

Photos: Fred J. DeVito

Love this chic half head neon blue, half head purple with ombred  touches of neon green, hot pink, electric orange, all blending harmoniously, on Kristin Michelle Parker, a Fashion Designer and Creator from Los Angeles. The fab fashionista was photographed here after the Supima New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2018, which took place at Chelsea Pier 59. The hair color, by Pulp Riot, was created by Natalie Rosie from This or Die Salon (@nataliesrosie) – yes, it is not Dye, but Die! Kristin is wearing a skort from her own collection, AllAlong (@allalonglust)  (A skort is a pair of shorts with a flap across the front, sometimes at the back, looking like a skirt in case you don’t know!) with a white sheer tee from Top Shop.  Amazing big round vintage sunglasses from Tokyo added the final touch of class to this adventurous look. (More details of the color to come when I archive these photos bigger, with other versions of this in the Scene album on the website. Stay tuned …

Photos: Fred J. DeVito ( / @fjdv )