John Sahag, Rachel’s Saga, Part 11 – 1996

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Photos: © Helen Oppenheim

Prep Photos: © Helen Oppenheim

This is Rachel, six months after Rachel’s saga began when her hair turned green after swimming in a pool filled with chlorine.  John Sahag with colorist Jennifer Chune to the rescue.   They let her black roots grow in and here Sahag, in what he called a burst of creative energy, took her haircut somewhere else.  He called it the Multi Cut because it had unlimited multi-shapes in one cut and integrated Rachel’s new re-growth for a totally modern approach to color.  These are prep photos I took, the hair almost done but not fully camera finished by Sahag.  But he liked them enough to include them in the press release.

The photographer did not shoot in color but you can see the color here and the multi shapes in the other photos of the Collection.  For more versions,  how-to handle after swim hair problems, and much more on the Rachel Saga Part 11,click here and scroll and and forth. 

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 19o96 … Color: Jennifer Chune … Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weisse …  Fashions: Elisa Jimenez/The Hunger World …  Model: Rachel Bick … Photo: © Helen Oppenheim