Colorific Hair From Russia With Love – 2016

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Colorific Hair From Russia With Love – 2016

Photo: Lion Photo

Colorific hair color from Russia With Love. The color is like a painting, as lovingly created as a work of art. Subtle, pretty, well done. Color by Irina Mikulo and Lerka Chernyaeva, who also did the haircut, both of Hair Fcker Studio of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The name, which started as and is still used sometimes, HairFucker Studio, changes sometimes to HairFcker.  It is a very controversial name, which must have been the intention!   Their videos and photos are getting noticed, for the hair.  This photo was found on, one of their first fans in the US.

Haircolor; Irina Mikulo and Lerka Chernyaeva …. Haircut: Irina Mikulo … Makeup: Sofia Bokalova … Model: Viktoria Koval … Photo: Lion Photo


Détente – 1974

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Photos: © Serge Beauchemin

Photos: © Serge Beauchemin … Collage:

The references for these interesting photos were Détente, Russia’s bid for a peaceful co-existence, in 1974 (!)  and the 1974 hit  Roman Polanski movie “Chinatown” which featured Faye Dunaway with some wonderful wavy hair.  Both influenced La Coupe for this famous Collection.  For more hairstyles and info on the photos, Click here: 

Hair: Kim Lepine, waved by Antonio da Costa Rocha, La Coupe, Montreal, l1974 … Makeup: Electa & Corrado … Black Cossack Tops created by Cassar, Lily Simon for La Coupe … Rings: John Warden … Cigarettes: Sobranie Russian Black … Model: Beverly Abazar … Photos: Serge Beauchemin
Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced  by Helen Oppenheim, with apologies for the Cigarettes, something I’d never use today in a photo!  I had some fun with the prop styling, take a look at the details …