Haute Pixie Wigs@ NYFW – 2018

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Haute Pixie Wigs @ NYFW - 2018

Photos: Backstage: David Webber and Ann Lawlor, Runway Courtesy Zang Toi

New York Fashion Designer Zang Toi took a trip to Rome, which inspired his “Haute Roman Holiday Fashions” for New York Fashion Week Fall 2018.  The Sahag Workshop Team, working with Joel Warren and The Salon Project, were then inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s famous pixie in the 1953 movie “Roman Holiday.”  According to Sahag’s Cynthia Varon,  whose idea the hair was,  The Workshop Team burned the midnight oil cutting  short “Rockstar Pixie” looks, Sahag style, with harmony, for all the models. Amazingly, none of them look like wigs.  The fashions featured florals, and a crown of flowers perched on top of some of the pixie wigs, looking gorgeous.  For more from this show, CLICK HERE

Hair: Eiji Yamane and The Sahag Workshop Team, NYC  for Joel Warren/The Salon Project … Wigs: The Salon Project … Makeup: Rudi Miles, Beauty by Rudy … Jewelry: Twila True … Photos Far Left/Bottom Center: David Webber.  Bottom Right: Ann Lawlor.  Top Center and Far Right: Courtesy Zang Toi


Gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow by Sahag – 1996

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Gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow by Sahag - 1996

Collage by helenoppenheim.com

This is Gwyneth Paltrow with hair straighter than straight by John Sahag, in 1996. I think she was one of the first celebs, if not the very first, to wear her hair this straight. This is the quintessential look that the legendary John Sahag made famous. Before flat irons.   He used his John Sahag Revitalizing Drops on Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair here, I think one of the very first people to be able to experience them; I heard Gwyneth loved them, and the look.   I have no photo credit for this photo, but it is very Sahag and I have to show this hair because it so important to the Sahag legacy. If anyone knows the photographer, magazine or event, credits will be added immediately. For more Gwyneth Paltrow by John Sahag, click 

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1996 … Hair Color: Brigitte Callister, John Sahag Workshop.
(Note: Brigitte Callister, now Brigitte Armstrong, said in 2016, that the color in this photo was lighter in reality, not as gold and dark.)


Top NYC Beauty Salons Merge – 2016

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Top NYC Beauty Salons Merge - 2016

Left: Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler/Page Six … Right: Eiji Yamane and Sahag Workshop

Now four top New York City salons have merged to become two top salons.  First merger – Louis Licari with Rodney Cutler, seen here in a New York Post Page Six article, are now merged to become the Licari Cutler Salon, 693 Fifth Avenue in the Takashimaya building between 54 and 55 Streets.  Blending together Louis Licari, the superstar colorist to the superstars with a degree in painting from Syracuse University, famous for his Ambush Makeovers on NBC’s Today Show, also the forerunner of foils, and Australian-born Rodney Cutler, whose talented teams create stylish hair for umpteen New York Fashion Week Shows, also stylist to the stars and with Redken since 2002.   Will they all cut with razors? Staff dramas happening …

Starting next week, with the help of someone who worked for both, Jutta Weiss (also Cyndi Lauper’s hairdresser), Eiji Yamane and some ten or fifteen of his staff, move from the Armani building at 601 Madison Avenue to join The Sahag Workshop in their famous salon at 425 Madison Avenue and 49th Street.  Eiji learned all about dry cutting when the legendary John Sahag opened his first workshop in 1985, but some eight years later went on to open his own Salon Eiji, where he kept the famous Sahag dry cutting technique alive, along with many ex-Sahag talents, including fab stylist, Cynthia Varon, fab colorist, Dario Arias, and more.  Now they are all back.  Will there be enough chairs?! Staff dramas ahead …


Sahag Tribute Canadian Hairdresser – 2015

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Sahag Tribute Canadian Hairdresser – 2015

Canadian Hairdresser International – July 2015

Thank you Joan Harrison for the lovely 2 page Tribute for John Sahag in the July 2015 issue of Canadian Hairdresser International. I know you remember John fondly and it is great to see some of his most famous looks in your very interesting magazine.  To READ the Tribute, and to see full credits click HERE   For the great cover and the whole magazine online  click HERE 



John Sahag Looking Romantic – 1986

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John Sahag Looking Romantic - 1986

Photo (Detail) : © John Barrett

As we near the 10th anniversary of John Sahag leaving us, on Monday, June 15, I thought you might like to look at the legendary hairdresser at his most romantic wearing a white suit, in 1986. Stay tuned for two more very special Tributes, one Sunday, June 14 and my own very personal one on the day, June 15.

Photo (Detail) : © John Barrett


John Sahag And I @ Fashion Show Briefing – 1996

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John Sahag And I @ Fashion Show Briefing - 1996

Photo: © David Webber

John Sahag and I taking notes, with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and her assistant at the briefing for her Fall 1996 New York Fashion Week Show.

He was very organized when it came to Fashion Shows. Everything to do with the hair was meticulously planned, he sometimes did sketches, and he did a preparation model for the fashion designer to approve before the Workshop team starting working seriously on any fashion show, wherever it was. He always used 100% human hair pieces which were spread out on the Workshop floor, even when clients were there. The reason the salon was called a Workshop, because it was. For show photos, click HERE

Photo: © David Webber


Painting of John Sahag Inspired by Photo – 2015

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Painting of John Sahag Inspired by 1985 Photo - 2015

Painting Giovanni Decunto from Lawrence Ivy/New York Magazine Photo

Painting by Giovanni Decunto of John Sahag. Auctioned at the Boston WWBE Tribute event May 17, 2015.  Bidding started at 10K. His paintings usually go to $60,000. Waiting to hear how much it went for and how much to whom. Proceeds from the auction, to go to the end of the year, will benefit the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Disappointing nobody -and none of my friends –  picked up on this.  See the Lawrence Ivy photo (detail) of John Sahag, courtesy of New York Magazine, 1985 which inspired this painting. The full original on my website, which hadn’t been seen since the early 80s, a photo I scanned and meticulously retouched,  can be seen if you click here https://www.helenoppenheim.com/about/john-sahag/


John Sahag’s Futuristic Butterfly – 2003

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John Sahag's Futuristic Butterfly – 2003

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Futuristic butterflies by John Sahag flew brilliantly at the IBS Fuse Show in 2003. All the heads were braided, wrapped, twisted, knotted, in butterfly shapes. Meticulously engineered couture hairpieces (which took 4 hairdressers and 4 assistants 4 weeks to create) were cut-up, colored, entwined, tied with elastics and attached.  For more Sahag butterflies buzzing, click and scroll from HERE 

Hair: John Sahag and The John Sahag Workshop Team … Makeup: Jun Funahashi … Butterfly Tattoo: Stephanie Tomaz … Fashions: Gaelyn & Cianfarani … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weise … Photo: © Helen Oppenheim