Wild Hair on Website – 1983-2012

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Fun Photo on Website - 1983-2012

Photo: Miguel Reveriego, Eddie Collins, Archivo LLongueras, Lance Staedler, Helen Oppenheim

There’s some wild and wonderful hair archived on this website. over 5,000 photos and many are not to be missed.  Time to explore.  Here are just some of the photos to inspire you.  1.  Peter Gray’s 2012 fantasy for L’Oréal Professional, in a WorldGreats album …. 2. Ezel’s  2012 black wig over blonde hair, also in a WorldGreats album … Salvador Dali, and his famous mustache, and  how it stayed up, also his hair in rollers and Lluis Llongueras doing his hair, as he did for 30 years, in an Icons album … Linda Mason’s impressionistic face art, hair Dwight Miller for Zotos, 1983, in a ThisThat album/The Mix … The pink wig by Julien D’Ys is from the Anglo Mania exhibition at the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006, in a Museum  album.

Photos: 1. Miguel Reveriego … 2.  Eddie Collins … 3. Archivo Llongueras … 4.  Lance Staedler … 5. Helen Oppenheim