Seen On Scene New York Week Fashion 1 – 2015

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Scene New York Fashion 1 – Spring 2015

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage by

Day 1. Seen on Scene at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week for Spring 2015.

Top left: Superb black and white linen tweed suit with pants worn short by Jon Tietz, new Fashion Editor at GQ Magazine (Details will show more when I put the separate photos up on my website) … Close up of the Jon Tietz chic sneaks, laces undone … Ela Pruszynska in black bcbg dress is a tv/film stylist for Latin America. She also wears white fingerless gloves with the Chanel logo in pearls, Prada glasses, Herve Leger belt and (photo under) tiny Dolce & Gabbana bag. She likes to mix it up, more on her website:  … Far right: A hot bcbg by Max Azria leather fringe dress worn with a scarf wrapped around wavy hair by Fashion Consultant Hande Can Yuce of Instanbul ( … Middle row: Top knot she did herself worn by designer/fashion blogger Anna Talyzin ( … Pink rose dress on HeavenHasHeels, Editor in Chief, Angela Gilltrap, for website:

Bottom row: Kevin Jackson of Before and After, a hairdresser/designer, and his extensions … Aveda hairstylist working backstage for Jon Reyman of Aveda wearing a stand-out headband … Stunning Spring Ear Cuff and great jewelry worn by Rachael Dickhute in the black hat, click for website 

Photos: Helen Oppenheim