Scene 5, Avant-Garde # NYFW Spring – 2016

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Scene 5, Avant-Garde # NYFW Spring – 2016

Photos: © Paul Morejón and Helen Oppenheim

Seen on Scene 5, the Avant-Gardes at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2016.
Top Left to Right: The #NYFW Skylight location at Moynihan Station, the Post Office, very early one morning. Over 300 shows took place during the week here, at Clarkson Square, Made at Milk Studios, and all over New York… One sponsor was TRESemmé, where the fashionistas could get a blow dry between shows … at Cristina Ruales, Kim Dillinger, Stylist and TV Show Host in yellow, with John Sossa, a photographer … Lead Designer of Tenby, Kara Janx, with Stylist Sharif Jackson.

Center Left: Ink blue braids on a Peter Gray hairdresser at Badgley Mischka … Bottom Left To Right: Johnson Hartig, Designer of Libertine … Ryan Morar, Creative Team of Libertine … Holley Wolfe, Stylist, Fashion Director … David Chavez, Wardrobe Stylist wearing fab Valentino shoes … Ondina Rosch, a Creative Director looking very creative in her CA4LA M hat (a Japanese label) her Czar skirt, R13 shirt, Manolo shoes and fancy band aid or tattoo on her knee!  Fashion albums coming soon. Stay tuned …

Photos: NYFW, TRESemmé, Blue Braids by Helen Oppenheim
Avant-Gardes, all others by Paul Morejón



Scene New York Fashion Week – Spring 2016

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See on Scene New York Fashion Week – Spring 2016

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim … Collage:

Seen on Scene at #NYFW for Spring 2016.   Top Left to Right:  Keenan Duffty, Senior Director Fashion Merchandising Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion, wearing a jacket by Keenan Duffty and everything else by Vivienne Westwood … Love this kid, with his Ploosh silver elephant bag and his whole look. His name is Chunyu Liang and he is kid brother of Liang Chunyan aka yanyanista, fashion blogger, stylist, photographer and more (  
Bottom Left to Right:  Victor Cembillin and fellow Mac makeup artist putting finishing touches to model at AAU #NYFW Show for Spring 2016. I think she is cleverly using her smart phone flashlight to perfect the makeup …Patti, an Aveda hairdresser, is wearing a silver scrumper pierced into her gums …Clark, Mac Makeup artist, with blonde quiff and teal blues shading ends … Clark’s foxtail keychain.   Not sure how many Scene blogs this season, I am seriously challenged by the locations for all shows, but there will be an album or two on the website eventually by me and others, each photo bigger to see details, so stay tuned …

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim


Shaun Ross And His Dreads – 2015

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Shaun Ross And His Dreads - 2015

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim. Collage by

Seen on Scene here is Shaun Ross – actor, dancer, first albino male model, rushing backstage to the great Nicholas K New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2015 wearing dreads, Shaun-style. More fashionistas on the website.

Photos: © Helen Oppenhem