Big Hair Then 1975- Big Hair Now 2023

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Big Hair Then 1975- Big Hair Now 2023

Photo Left: Serge Beauchemin. Runway Photo Right: Zigen

In 1975, Elmer Olsen of La Coupe Salons, then in Montreal and New York, created this big hair, crimped with the first use of a crimper in the modern age – a fifty year crimping machine found in his Grandmother’s attic.  The Collection was called “Sleeper” and it started the crimped hair trend which is still happening.
Hair: Elmer Olsen, La Coupe … Makeup: Electa, Electa and Corrado … Fashion: Renato Balestra Couture Gown/Jacket, Holt Renfrew Canada … Model: Rudi Maciukas … Location: The Royal Suite, Chateau Champlain Hotel, Montreal … Photo: Serge Beachemin For more on the Collection, CLICK HERE

In 2023, Tadashi Harada created his big hair for the Hiroko Koshino Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo A/W 2023 Show – “A Magical Mystery Hiroko Tribe.”
Hair: Tadashi Harada … Makeup: Setsuko Suzuki … Runway Photo: Zigen
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Camerart by Serge Beauchemin – 2019

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Camerart by Serge Beauchemin - 2019

Camerart: Serge Beauchemin

Love love love the Camerart by photographer Serge Beauchmin.  About this image, he said – Service a la clientele.  This is just one of Beachemin’s Camerart masterpieces to be found on his Facebook page, and a few on Instagram.  He works wonders on fashion, people, places, and everything that inspires him in Québec, where he is based, and other places he lives or has visited.  Love his eye.  Which I first discovered when I lived in Montreal and he photographed the famous La Coupe, Détente and Sleeper Collections, in the 70s.  Take a look, be hair inspired by the first three albums, CLICK HERE
For more on his Facebook page, CLICK HERE


Art Deco, ’20s Style Hair – 1974

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Art Deco, '20s Style Hair – 1974

Photo: © Serge Beauchemin

This is the Deco Cut, with a ’20s influence, created in 1974 by Charles Booth, La Coupe Salons. The short cut, all angles, and very complicated was part of the Art Deco Collection which put La Coupe on the map worldwide. “This is The Great Step Forward,” Charles Booth said at the time, “so many angles but it all fit in, going against everything we’ve done before, very accentuated. If you cut a wave into the hairline,” he continued, “it stays.”

La Coupe backed black, jet black, the hair color for the Deco Cuts – great with pale faces. Deco Cat’s Eyes Makeup, by Electa, featured cat’s eyebrows, a brow not seen for a few decades at the time.    For full details on the hair, hair color, the makeup, click here

Deco Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe, NY/Montreal … Deco Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado …. Deco Dress: Anne Klein … Long Black Leather Kid Gloves: Iona Monohan Collection … Model: Danielle …. Photo: Serge Beauchemin. Concept/Fashion Styling/Produced by Helen Oppenheim



Shine-On Lights – 1974

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Shine-On Lights


More art deco.  With shine-on lights, color just where the light would shine on straight hair.  This idea got more press in all the major magazines at the time than any of the many inspirational stories in La Coupe’s 1974 Art Deco campaign. For more, much more, and how-to’s for color and cuts, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Art Deco on this website.

Top, and color detail center from NY Sunday News Magazine 2 page spread … left  gold shine-on,  and center bottom,  burgundy shine-on,  photos by Serge Beauchemin.   Photo right, blue shine-on, photo by Lorraine Sylvestre, illustration by Tom Huffman, all  hair by Charles Booth, La Coupe.  Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim