Sexy Short Hair Is Now Trending – 2017

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Sexy Short Hair Is Now Trending - 2017

Photos: Jason Setiawan

Inspiration.  Short hair is trending – it suddenly seems refreshingly new as everyone seems to be wearing their long hair in almost the same few styles, losing the uniqueness that they could have.  Take these short styles by Sherri Jessee, looking fashionably trendy and as sexy as any long hair. The hair with movements on the left was achieved with a plethora of  large clips to “set” the hair before brushing out and with a 3/4″ curling rod close to the roots for volume and lift on the right. The bold red lip on the left and the soft pink lip with a brush of gold powder on the right both work with the pale blonde hair. These styles got a full page in my column for Spain’s Peluquerias Magazine.

Hair/Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA … Tools: Sultra Bombshell 3/4″ Curling Rod Iron … Lips Left: Kat Von D Liquid … Lips Right: Tattoo Junkee Velvet Lip Effects … Model: Alla … Photos: Jason Setiawan


Large Loose Wonderful Wedding Waves – 2017

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Large Loose Wonderful Wedding Waves – 2017

Photo: Nathan Mays

Any bride would love this smooth shiny style with romantic large loose waves for her wedding day. Long lasting beautiful texture was created by Sherri Jessee. Sherri’s Hair Salon, using a 1 ¼” ceramic curling iron. “Be sure to spray each section with a heat protecting spray before you curl it,” she advises, “and clip each section on base. Allow the hair to cool, brush out the dry set with a soft bristle brush. Form the hair into soft waves and spray for shine and hold.” – First page of Helen Oppenheim  Peluquerias Magazine column, May 2017  issue.

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA … Product Enzo Milano Ceramic Curling Iron … Photo: Nathan Mays


Romantic Brides With Braids – 2015

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Romantic Brides With Braids - 2015

Photos: © Nathan Mays. Collage by

Here are some romantic brides with a variety of shapes and textures by Sherri Jessee, who said this collection of easy updos incorporated three-strand Dutch braids, and rope braids. A pin-curl blow out with a volumizing foam was the perfect foundation for these lovely looks. Take a behind the scenes peek at this bridal shoot, see these beautiful braids, a fishtail braid, classic chignons, and a few other styles, click HERE

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA for Pravana … Products: Nevo Full Volume Volumizing Foam, Super Shape Hairspray … Model: Melanie Blankenship
Photos: © Nathan Mays


Romantic Bride With Fashionable Face Veil – 2014

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Photo: © Nathan Mays

Photo: © Nathan Mays

An adorable and very charming little veil attached to a headband is for the romantic fashionable bride. Sherri Jessee, who creates the most beautiful bridal hair, likes to create shapes that “real” brides request so she added this veil to hair gently curled, then misted very lightly with hairspray. Who wants to wake up to stiff hair the next morning?

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, Virginia for Pravana … Gown: Bridal Path … Photo: Nathan Mays


Seen on Scene New York Fashion Week 4 – 2015

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Seen on  Scene New York Fashion Week 4 - 2015

Photos; © Sherri Jessee. Collage by

Day 4. Seen on Scene,  Fab Fashionistas at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015, photographed in the freezing cold by the multi-talented Sherri Jessee (

Top Left to Right: Famous Aussie D.J.Helena maintains her red hair with Manic Panic and has almost 200,000 Friends on Facebook, almost 25,000 on Twitter (@djHelena) … Hair rising stick straight up to there, photographed on the Plaza at Lincoln Center, name unknown … Faux fur on fashion blogger Leah Ho worn with great shoes, leather wide-leg pants from her Online Store … Eliza Jordan ( multimedia producer, entertainment journalist, social media guru takes to the veil, the hottest trend at NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015, or before …

Bottom Left to Right: … Fashion Stylist, Betty Gulko (such.a.betty on Instagram) wears her vintage dress layered over a denim shirt and see close up of a headband at the back of her head … Ruby Fang, a designer from Hong Kong uses ancient Chinese embroideries and says she will be showing in NYC soon ( … Monkey fur vintage coat, Beltmar vintage floppy hat, very 70s, worn by Holly ( who travels 60,000 miles each year collecting vintage garments, some for the Libertine brand … Marquis Bias, fashion stylist, in a fabulous fur by Adrian Landau, carrying a blue bag by Reed Krakoff (see detail above.) His hair cut by Adrian Fanus Grooming … Beau McCall ( is a creative artist, just making his visual arts debut. He made his own jacket from a collection of button treasures from family and friends. “A button is more than just a button,” he states. The gloves were a gift inside a Japanese magazine.



The Great Gatsby, The Movie – and More …

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The Great Gatsby, The Movie and more ...

Above, Bazz Lurhamnn’s Great Gatsby Inspirations – Warner Brothers
Second collage – Sherri Jessee’s New Gatsby
Third collage – La Coupe’s ’20s inspirations, 1993







Saw the movie today.

I loved the fashions  (some by Prada and Miu Miu)  the jewelry (Tiffany’s)  the hair accessories (hardly any feathers, much more sophisticated) the hair (wigs, I think by Kerry Warn) the cloche hats, and the eye makeup very today rather than of the era but beautiful.

The 3-D was interesting, once you got used to it, some overdone, loved the titles at the end.  The movie was far from perfect but fun, better than I thought it would be with all the Baz bashing-  just forget the beloved F. Scot Fitzgerald book, enjoy it.

As Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting a bit O.T.T., his hair dyed blonder, a little wave, Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Jordan Baker, didn’t have much of a part but she came off as a future star – we’ll be hearing more of her, and Daisy’s husband, Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton.)  Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan was lovely, wearing great fashions and jewelry.   Baz Lurhmann was Baz, better than Moulin Rogue, which I didn’t like, but still Baz with his Long Island computer-generated , sometimes cartoonish Gatsby filmed in Australia.

Look for hair and fashion inspiration in these three collages of photos –  top collage, of Daisy (Carey Mulligan), Gatsby (Leonoard di Caprio) and Jordan (Elizabeth Debicki) from Baz Lurhmann’s Great Gatsby which opened nationwide “everywhere” in the US today, Friday, May 10,  and will open the Cannes Festival on May 15, out of the competition.

Oscars?  Only for Costume Design, I think.  Maybe Special Effects.

Then check out some great photo-generated Long-Island shots by Roberto Ligestri for Sherri Jessee’s New Great Gatsby Collection featuring Nick Evanovich as Gatsby in Tom Ford, styled by the late-great David Widjaja,  and two photos from La Coupe’s 1993 Creative Evening, hair by Kim Lepine, Photos by David Webber.  The vintage hair accessories were and are spot-on. Scroll/Click for more Sherri Jessee’s New Gatsby on Modern More La Coupe’s 20-inspired jazz age hairstyles, HairThen, 90s on


Out On The Town – 2012

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Sherri Luis Helen @ Intercoiffure

Sherri very Gatsby, Helen not Gatsby enough, Luis Alvarez, VP of Creative & Education and cofounder of Aquage, whose Upllifiting Foam I love!