Sexy Short Hair Is Now Trending – 2017

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Sexy Short Hair Is Now Trending - 2017

Photos: Jason Setiawan

Inspiration.  Short hair is trending – it suddenly seems refreshingly new as everyone seems to be wearing their long hair in almost the same few styles, losing the uniqueness that they could have.  Take these short styles by Sherri Jessee, looking fashionably trendy and as sexy as any long hair. The hair with movements on the left was achieved with a plethora of  large clips to “set” the hair before brushing out and with a 3/4″ curling rod close to the roots for volume and lift on the right. The bold red lip on the left and the soft pink lip with a brush of gold powder on the right both work with the pale blonde hair. These styles got a full page in my column for Spain’s Peluquerias Magazine.

Hair/Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA … Tools: Sultra Bombshell 3/4″ Curling Rod Iron … Lips Left: Kat Von D Liquid … Lips Right: Tattoo Junkee Velvet Lip Effects … Model: Alla … Photos: Jason Setiawan