Peluquerias Magazine Cover – 2007

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Peluquerias Magazine Cover - 2007

Photo: Luis Vidal

Peluquerias Magazine is published in Barcelona, Spain with editions and circulation in just about every country on the planet.  I am US/Canada Correspondent for Peluquerias, but my column, which is very visual and 6 stories per column, one full page minimum,  is not on the Internet!!   There’s always a chance of a cover – and full pages for your great photos –  for anyone in this International hair art fashion magazine like no other – if  if if.  Just ask.  For more covers,  dating back to 1981, click HERE

Here is a 2007 Cover, one of my favorites, with hair and lashes by Tono Sanmartin of Valencia, Spain.  Photo: Luis Vidal




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Photo: © David Arnal … Collage:

Great updo and fashions for the June 2014 Peluquerias Magazine. The hair here, by Raffel Pages of Barcelona, Spain, is different, not copying anyone, and wearable at the same time. Ah, if only more hairdressers would work out how to do this! Fab feather fashions.

How to do it. Long hair was made into a small tail at the crown, with the hair pulled very tight. Foam was used for padding at the top which was scrolled into a horizontal loop held in the center, which was then sprayed.

Hair: Raffel Pages, Barcelona, Spain … Photo: David Arnal


La Coupe’s Kim Lepine On Stage in Spain – 1978

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Photo: Courtesy Peluquerias Magazine

Photo: Courtesy Peluquerias Magazine,  Spain

Fourth in a series featuring the talent in action working on the photos in the Archives.

Here is La Coupe’s Kim Lepine working on her wave cut, in 1978.  This was the first bob with layers and it featured cut-in waves.  She was on stage here at the Jornados Internacional in Barcelona in front of some 2,000  people in the audience. For the finished look, click here    More of her beautiful, wearable and original work can be seen in many of La Coupe’s albums from the ’70s to the ’90s on  the website.  Just click away.


Press – Peluquerias, Spain – 2012

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Press - Peluquerias