Spring Wonderland Hair – 2011

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Spring Wonderland Hair - 2011

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Angelo Seminara’s Wonderland hair for Spring was inspired by the vibrant, exotic shapes and colors found in nature. He has united the natural world with modernist design and futuristic vision creating a blend of innovative color and intricate structure, some wearable, some avant-garde, all inspirational.  This image gets more shares  on my Pinterest (even though I am not for now posting anything new since one nano-click lost one of my best folders, of New York Fashion Week hair, which I was informed was gone for good.)  To see some more of the Seminara Wonderland collection and more of the breathtaking hair by one of my WorldGreats archived on the website, CLICK HERE

Hair: Angelo Seminara …  Color Concept: Angelo Seminara, assisted by Eduardo Paludo …  Makeup: Laura Dominique …  Fashion Styling: Georgie MacIntyre … Photo: Andrew O’Toole