John Sahag’s Rachel Saga Part ll – 1996

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John Sahag - Rachel Saga Part ll - 1996

Photo: Eva Mueller

From the Rachel Saga Part ll Collection by John Sahag – 1996.  The  hair color saga continued from Part l with this Multi-Cut.  It is now 6 months since Rachel Bick’s hair turned green after a swim in a pool filled with chlorine.  With colorist, Jennifer Chune, Sahag decided to get her black roots grow in and, with a burst of creative energy, he took the cut to somewhere else to create a very new texture within the cut.  “This opened up new horizons in my imagination …  unlimited multi-shapes within one cut, integrating Rachel’s new regrowth for a totally modern approach to color,” said the legendary hairdresser.  For more, go to HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos, Rachel’s Saga Part ll on

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Color: Jennifer Chune …Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weisse … Dress: Elisa Jimenez … Model: Rachel Bick … Photo: Eva Mueller … Produced by Helen Oppenheim