Thank You’s And Memories – 1978-1985

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Thank You's And Memories - 1978-1985

Card Collage by

I just found these thank you cards from various people I worked with from 1978 to 1985. Memories.

Top Left: The Perfecto! Gracias! card came with some earrings from Cartier in 1978.   I had just produced a show for La Coupe in Barcelona, Spain, in front of over 2,0000 people and we were a huge success. Charles Booth was very happy.

Top Right: This card came from John Sahag. For Christmas 1985. It wasn’t alas forever. But the sentiment was beautiful. And it came with a magnum bottle of Dom Pérignon.

Bottom Left: This card came with a huge bouquet of flowers so not his signature.  Vidal Sassoon had just seen my first Collection I had produced in 1979 – Soft Cubism.

Bottom Right: Memo from George Shaw, publicist and philanthropist who worked to help promote everything Vidal Sassoon when I worked there as PR and Creative Director of the Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada.

More to come …