Photos Helen’s Blog April 10-Aug 7, 2022

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Photos Helen's Blog April 10-Aug 7, 2022

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Collage of photos, hair history, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from April 10 to August 7, 2022.  To see more details, who did what, scroll 3 pages down this blog (click the red More More More bottom left to go to the next page There’s Thom Browne NYFW Hair Balls by James Percis and Yanina Paris Couture F/W 2022 Audrey Hepburn influences, the 1926 Eduardo Garcia Benito Art Deco Vogue Cover,  NAHA Winners and Nominees 2022,  The Marilyn Monroe dress on Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, Juan-Manuel Alonso Art and his hair over the years, Brigitte Segura and her must-see curly hair how-to, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and her hair then and now, Tim Miller and his Pearls on MSNBC, the 1843 quilt at the Met Museum’s Costume Institute Anthology of Fashion Exhibition, Pierre Michael Salon’s New Era with Jerome Lordet and Mark Garrison, La Coupe 1970s Art Deco plus The Big Sleep/Sleeper inspo and more.   To see All Collages archived on the Website, CLICK HERE