Trending. Tiny Treats – 2014

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Trending. Tiny Treats  - 2012/2014

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim … Collage by

Tiny treats are trending slowly but surely – and none too soon for those weight challenged who also have a sweet tooth.  I had one small brownie yesterday at Pain de Quotidien Bakery in NY. It was enough (Photo top left and right, seen here with small madeleines.)

At the Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 NY Fashion Week show I photographed the tiny treats, bottom left, Baked my Melissa, who has since opened in a dozen mostly NY locations. Carolina Herrera has been offering tiny bagels and croissants backstage for years, but I don’t see them anywhere else, except sometimes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Press events. Why not? In fact, I see croissants bigger than ever with zillions of calories in too many otherwise good bakeries, often not baked as well as they should be! Time for tiny treats, Let’s help make it happen …

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim