Gold Goes To The Head – 2015

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Gold Goes To The Head - 2015

Photo: © Miguel Reveriego

Gold will surely come to the Trump White House! Be prepared to go for gold. And why not on the head if you want to make a gold hair fashion statement like no other? By Peter Gray for Beauty Pages Magazine, this golden treasure was inspired by Persephone, the Goddess of Springtime and Rebirth in Greek Mythology. To get the look, the hairdresser mixed metallic gold and copper powders into a paste, which he then applied to the hair.  He used the Gray magic to work drops to drip strategically here and there, like tendrils, with the long hair twisted to end in a coil of gold to one side.  Brilliant.   To see the back view and more Peter Gray magic, click HERE

Hair: Peter Gray …  Makeup: Ozzy Salatierra …  Stylist: Ada Kokosar …  Model: Crista Cober
Photo: © Miguel Reveriego