Trump Women & Their Ordinary Hair – 2019

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 Trump Women & Their Ordinary Hair – 2019

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All the Trump women wear their hair long and look like everyone else. Sometimes like “Real Housewives!” Not one of them has had any original hair ideas. Even in a small elegant way. Sometimes Ivanka wears an updo but never anything special. Mostly, her hair is straight and boring, sometimes tousled and boring.   Melania Trump has too many hair extensions, her hair is not styled with finesse, her color varies from brown with caramel highlights to blonde on blonde. She seems to be getting blonder!  Her updos are not modern, too bouffant.  Kellyanne Conway’s hair sometimes looks better than other times, but mostly it is drek hair. Like her motor mouth. I can’t watch or listen to this Counselor to the President for more than one minute. As for White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her hair runs true to form – ordinary, and I can’t bear to watch or listen to the drivel she goes on about for more than one minute either.  These women could have the best people in the world working on their hair, at least every now and then, or they could inspire their current hairdressers, or their current hairdressers could inspire them, but I doubt any of them would want anything the least bit interesting. Every one of them is such a disappointment …

Photo Credits: Melania Trump. Top L-R: Daily Express/Getty … Vanity Fair/AP/Rex/Shutterstock … Unknown Google
Ivanka Trump. Center L-R: Getty Images … Wikimedia Commons …theGrio
Bottom L: Kellyanne Conway NY Magazine/Martin Schoeller … R: Sarah Huckabee Sanders,
Washington Times/AP/Carolyn Kaster