Sahag And Innovative Hair Color Video – 1997

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 Sahag And Innovative Hair Color Video – 1997

Screehshots from video … Photo Bottom Left: John Sahag … Collage by

Here is Jeanne Beker interviewing John Sahag at his creative and charming best for Fashion TV’s Real Life in 1997. You can catch glimpses of Dario Arias, Albert Narcisse, Jennifer Chune, three of Sahag’s colorists in action, and the colorific color extensions at the end were by Santino Acquista, the fourth Sahag colorist, the person who did the color on top left, who created fast add-on/take-off color extensions. First. For those into hair history, he used a tiny comb.

Bottom left photo of this collage is the team who participated in the video, with models and me, who organized it.   Left to right: Jennifer Chune (colorist) … Dario Arias (Colorist) … model … Helen Oppenheim … Lillo Rugusa (stylist just seen) … Model … Model … Albert Narcisse (Colorist).   Photo by John Sahag. Collage with screenshots by

Click to see the video HERE 
(with thanks to Ezel, who transferred a forgotten video for me from vhs to digital.)