Veil Re-Envisioned As Hair Accessory– 2017

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Veil Re-Envisioned As Hair Accessory– 2017

Photo: John Rawson

A veil of hair highlights made of extensions acts like a fringe and was placed over an elegant ponytail knotted and looped on top of the head. “The updo re-envisions the veil as a hair accessory,” according to Silas & Dorothy Tsang of Blushes in Canada, who said the hairstyling play on texture was inspired by the fashion designer Issey Miyake – “When Modernism Meets Tradition.” This and two other inspirational holiday hair looks by the Canadians made the first page of my column in the December issue of Peluquerias Magazine.

Hair: Silas & Dorothy Tsang, Blushes, Ottowa, Canada … Products: Kerastase … Makeup: Lan Nyugen-Grealis … Fashion Stylist: Jolanta Pilinkaite … Photo: John Rawson