Memories, Vidal Sassoon Invitations – 1980

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Memories, Vidal Sassoon Invitations - 1980

Vidal Sassoon Canadian Launch Invitations

  1. Two invitations to the Vidal Sassoon Press Event Launches for the hair care products and jeans in Canada. The Montreal event was first (hostesses at the Canadian Grand Prix wore the jeans plus there was a cocktail buffet and fashion show at Régine’s and press/tv interviews all  day) … then Toronto for 2 days of continuous pre-arranged press interviews scheduled and a cocktail buffet. For more and if you want to know why Vidal Sassoon was Vidal Sassoon, click HERE



Canadian Launch 1980

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Canadian Launch 1980

Vidal Sassoon Invitations

Here are two invitations, to the Vidal Sassoon press event launches for the hair care products and the jeans in Canada, in 1980.

The Montreal event was first, on a Sunday!  Vidal Sassoon helped sponsor the Canadian Grand Prix and the hostesses wore the jeans of course.    Then, there was a Cocktail Buffet with a little fashion show at Régine’s, which was very hot then.   We all left for the Toronto event very early Monday morning, to be in time for a WWD interview at 9 am and we spent 2 days there, one interview after another, including at all meal times.  The Toronto Cocktail Buffet was on Monday night at Sutton Place Hotel and photos can be seen in this  album from that event.  Vidal was up very early on Tuesday morning to go out of town for a 7 minute interview on Canada AM, which included him doing yoga!  And he did interviews the rest of the day, until 4 pm, when I had booked him a requested massage.  Both he and I  flew to Toronto, for a lunch, for one important interview later and all radio interviews were done later.

I worked with a PR in Toronto and two PR’s in Montreal and from my office in NYC where I worked with two assistants on these events.  One of the important things that made Mr. Vidal Sassoon so successful and special was he expected a lot. And he got a lot. Interviews were all pre-planned and approved of  before the press events.

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