Trend Alert. Hair Orbits Again- 1969

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Trend Alert. Hair Orbits Again- 1969

Photos: Bob Fisher. Collage by

Do you know your hair history?  ’60s hairstyle orbits in  2018.  Again. This look was very popular in the late ’60s.  Similar looks were done by many, first popularized by Vidal Sassoon, but I prefer this one by Charles Booth owner of La Coupe Salons from 1967 to early 90s and introduced as The Orbit in 1969, the year the US first  landed on the moon.  Now, Redken’s Guido has designed his version for Marc Jacobs F/W New York Fashion Week Show, colorized for the 21st century by Josh Woods, so there is another trend  alert for the look, which could catch on this time. It’s not flattering to all, but is for some, as it was here for Keitha McLean, at the time the Fashion and Beauty Editor of The Montreal Star, later  a reporter at WWD, and still  later the first Editor in Chief of Miss Chatelaine now known as Flare in Toronto.   Face on, it was just a cap of hair, with a heavy round smooth fringe rising up to a soft point in the middle of the forehead. It was cut  right from the crown and the hair orbited  all around.  The back was short and the  cap graduated to a “V” on both sides. For more details and a longer  version CLICK HERE

Hair: Charles Booth, La  Coupe Montreal, 1969 … Model: Keitha McLean … Photos: Bob Fisher, ARB


Vidal Sassoon HighHair Collage – 1980

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Vidal Sassoon HighHair Collage - 1980

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre … Collage

1980. A memory.  Some of the photos from Vidal Sassoon’s famous inspirational influential HighHair Collection.  At the time, fashion hair was not high.  Having hair rising up on top was new. The concept for this collection was mine and some big talents at the Vidal Sassoon New York Salon in the General Motors Building in NYC helped make it happen. To see each photo bigger, more HighHair, to read the whole story, click HERE


The Presidential Wave – 1980

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The Presidential Wave - 1980

Vidal Sassoon’s Presidential Wave, 1980

For Election Year, 1980, Vidal Sassoon elected The Presidential Wave by Barbara Melser of the Vidal Barber Shop in NY.  My tongue in cheek press release stated that The VS Poll interviewed its prestige Barber Shops in NY, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto and predicted victory in November for its Fall 1980 Men’s Campaign.

When this was photographed, in my office one Sunday, it was hoped Edward Kennedy would be nominated with his similar hairstyle!    However, The Presidential Wave was an interesting movement, with new proportions and mood, democratically romantic as well as classically conservative, and was influenced by the women’s Soft Cubism Collection which had enjoyed such success in Vidal Sassoon’s Summer 1980 Campaign. For more, click HERE

Hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon Barber Shop. NY, 1980 … Model: Burt Kyle …Jacket and Shirt: Thierry Mugler …Photo: Gregory Kitchen …Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim.


80s Wide Shoulders – Antonio Lopez – 1979

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80s Wide Shoulders - Antonio Lopez - 1979

Illustration: © Antonio Lopez

Trend Alert. ’80s wide shoulders. They made an appearance in the Fall 2016 Collections, especially in Paris. And they can make a difference to your wardrobe! A new and flattering direction for many. This amazing illustration is by fashion/beauty/art illustrator, the one and only Antonio Lopez, from his book “Antonio’s Girls” ( published by Congreve.) The dresses illustrated are by Lux International, as in Italian Vogue, 1979. The series is one of the most exciting Antonio created. For more Antonio Lopez masterpieces, see Icons on my website, click HERE and to see the actual dress on the left in two photos from Vidal Sassoon’s 1979 Soft Cubism Collection, click HERE

Illustration: © Antonio Lopez


With Model Icon Peggy Moffitt – 1993

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With Model Icon Peggy Moffitt - 1993

Photo: Unknown

Here I am with Peggy Moffitt, the world-famous icon model at a Vidal Sassoon 50th Anniversary event.   She wore her hair hair exactly the same way she did in the ’60s when Vidal Sassoon famously cut it.  Just look at what’s she’s wearing in 1993.   Wonderful.  To view a beautiful and brilliant Peggy Moffitt/Rudy Gernreich VIDEO with smashing Swinging ’60s fashions and hair inspiration, click HERE

Video Hair: Jacques Lawler, Vidal Sassoon … Fashions: Rudi Gernreich … Models: Peggy Moffitt, Leon Bing, Ellen Harth …  Video Created and Directed by William Claxton …  1993 Photo:Unknown (from a laser copy)


Romantic Hero with HairHair for Men – 1980

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Romantic Hero with HairHair for Men - 1980

Photos: © Deborah Samuel. Collage by

HighHair for the romantic hero of the ’80s was by Helen Chudoba of Vidal Sassoon, Toronto.  Waves, curls, height and volume rose above it all. New in 1980.   And influenced by the HighHair styles for women.  For more, click HERE 

Hair: Helen Chudoba, Vidal Sassoon, Toronto, 1980 … Model: Ross Marks … Photo: Deborah Samuel … Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Memories Vidal Sassoon Days – 1979-1981

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Memories Vidal Sassoon Days – 1979-1981

Logo VS News 1979-1981

Memories. New York. This was the logo designed for my press release photo descriptions, credits and notes to press when I was Vidal Sassoon PR and Creative Director for the US Salons from 1979-1981. Cool logo, yes? And News is what I gave the press. If It’s Not New, It’s Not News was my motto!  Hair History is on my website, which includes Vidal Sassoon’s Soft Cubism and HighHair Collections (1979 and 1980) and more … click HairThen here 



Hair History Tommy Yeardye – 1930-2004

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Hair History BackFiles – Tommy Yeardye – 1930-2004

Photos: Getty Images,

This is the backfile, the inside scoop, on Tommy Yeardye who was a colorful and controversial character.   A few feathers maybe ruffled but, in the interests of hair history, and with the help of a few well informed sources, see links below, here are the some interesting facts.

Tommy Yeardye (1930-2004) was born in Ireland. Before he became the Managing Director of Vidal Sassoon, he had been a stuntman known as “Muscles” and stunt doubled for Rock Hudson and Victor Mature, worked for Carmen Rollers also Glemby.   He is perhaps best known as a boyfriend of Diana Dors, England’s blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, and the scandal when Dors accused him of taking a large sum of her money, which he eventually returned in the presence of police officers. But before, this he was also a “heavy – a minder at one time for Peter Rachman,” landlord in the Notting Hill area of London in the ’50s and early ’60s who became notorious for his exploitation of his tenants, according to Wikipedia. He later married Ann Davis, a Chanel model, his daughter, Tamara Mellon was the co-founder of Jimmy Choo Couture Shoes, Yeardye was chairman of Jimmy Choo until his death. Later, Tamara sued her Mother, charges were dropped, but “maybe a chip of the old block because,” one well-informed source says, ” Yeardye wanted to open a chain of Vidal Sassoon salons in malls or wherever but that was a non-starter. He left, Sassoon sued and Yeardye counter sued. It seems he had copies of files showing financial shenanigans of Vidal Sassoon. They both dropped charges.” I won’t go on, there’s more but …

Daily Telegraph Obituary  (but know there are some errors here, especially about his involvement with Sassoon products)  … You can read more on Diana Dors here  …   Tamara Mellon, now an OBE, and ranked as one of the richest women in the UK, click here 

Photos: Getty Images,