Frida Kahlo Painting & Photo – 1941/2016

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Frida Kahlo Painting & Photo - 1941/2016

Left: Frida Kahlo Self Portrait. Right: Franco De Simone. Collage by

The photo on the right, by Franco De Simone, is a brilliant photographic interpretation of Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait With Braid, a 1941 painting.  “I photograph what I can not paint and I paint what I can not photograph,”  Franco de Simone said of his portraits of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Stalin, Karl Marx and the American man with a hat re-imagined in his latest Exhibition Frida Kahlo, “An Illustrated Life” opening at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery in Toronto, July 7.  Frida Kahlo, the Mexican surrealist cult artist with one famous eyebrow (1907-1954) painted some 200 vivid, extraordinary self portraits full of symbolism and wit, often with incredible concoctions arranged on her head, many Mexican-influenced, many purely eccentric, usually with a touch of royalty.  Even when ill, which was often because a streetcar crash at 18 left her in constant pain for the rest of her life, her hair was dressed as if for a fiesta. Her signature accessories – ribbons, flowers, and jewelry, all braided into the hair are always inspirational. For the MUST-SEE video by Franco De Simone, click HERE

Left: Frida Kahlo … Right: Hair Franco De Simone … Makeup: Francis Boudreau … Costumes: Frank Rothery …  Artist/Photographer: Franco De Simone


Photos on Helen’s Blog – Feb 5 to Feb 22, 2014

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Collage of Photos on Helen's Blog - Feb 5 to Feb 22, 214


This collage has photos  from February 5th to February 22nd on Helen’s Blog, including Seen on Scene photos of Fab Fashionistas taken during NY Fashion Week for Fall 2014 . Also there’s stunning photos from The New York Times of the best from  Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week, with a feather-ruffling blog by me on runway hair from the shows underneath. A video of me being interviewed with an update on this website by Maggie Mulhern is worth a look, as are all photos on the Blog, right to the end, since they are all hair history, which I have highlighted from the website. To see collages of all photos on the Blog scroll under Blog on the Menu Bar, or you can click here: