Bald & Beautiful for 1 Night – 1983

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 Bald & Beautiful for 1 Night - 1983

Photo: Peter Brandt

This “Viking Queen” was made bald and beautiful for one night created by the amazing Jerry Mylnchuck, who at the time, 1983, was obsessed with making beautiful girls bald. through makeup.   And he did it so well, taking some 15 hours to create this dramatic look to which he added a magnificent metallic headpiece sculpture designed by Andrew Hartfield. He used some of the model’s own hair on top of the head. The Viking Age was from about 790 to 1066  in European history  and came from Scandinavia, mostly Norway – their headdresses inspired Jerry Mylnchuck for this modern bald version.

Makeup and Hair: Jerry Mylnchuck … Headpiece Sculpture: Andrew Hartfield … Photo: Peter Brandt