Futurism Hair Captured Mid-Flight– 2012

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Futurism Hair Captured Mid-Flight– 2012

Photo: Stephem Ziehen

This couture-inspired white hair with a cool artistic edge that has transcended the artistic license is by Sharon Blain from her Futurism Collection, 2012. Australia’s whirlwind hair icon tell how it was done: “I created a ‘wig’ using various ponytail pieces placed together. These were then sewn into the model’s scalp braids to secure and create a bob shape. Yes, this is a bob.  Read on …  Using clippers, I cut small lines within the shape, then brushed charcoal eye shadow along the cutting lines to help highlight the lines and give more definition. As the model jumped, the photographer captured this iconic image with layers in mid-flight.” The educational hair artist, who specializes in bridal and avant-garde hair, usually long hair, travels the world with her Boot Camp Courses and Workshops and will be in New York, Santa Monica and Las Vegas in July, in Ireland, German and Spain in October, Melbourne in November. For more Sharon Blain inspirations, click HERE 

Hair: Sharon Blain … Color: Goldwell … Stylist: Ingo Nahrwold … Makeup: Denise Grundmann …
Photographer: Stephan Ziehen       (Go to SharonBlain.com for more info on the courses.)