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Now? Wait?




Why is it so hard? When photos are posted all over the internet, it is a lesson in frustration being an editor of a print magazine now. Because photos are posted all over the internet, fast, but I have to wait at least 3 months or more to publish the same photos. True, they come and are gone on the Internet, and a full page or two or three or more can be printed in Peluquerias Magazine. Then, anyone can post on the Internet with the page(s) but everyone wants … now. Some do decide to be patient and wait. But most do not. I try.  Take the case New York Fashion Week photos, New York Bridal Weeks, NAHA, Museums, other events. Post? Or wait? Most just post.  So here I am with lots of great cool photos I either can’t publish yet or can publish rather late. I tell myself, better late than never. And how it was worth while waiting for some many reasons, not the least of which is that the photos can look fantastic in the magazine.  But it is hard.  It should be noted that if I see a photo all over the internet, I must admit I do think twice about publishing it in the magazine months later. Sigh.
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