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Why do so many famous editorial and lead hairdressers at Fashion Weeks and in the magazines still mess up finished hair to look like the model, client or celeb did it themselves or just got out of bed? Surely this look has had its day and is bad for biz. If clients can do it themselves, there’s no need to go to a hairdresser to do it. And don’t get me started on the so-called oily, greasy, dirty-looking hair trend still raising its ugly head! If one more hairdresser tells me any of this nonsense is the look with all seriousness, I will bonk them, I really will.

Why are so many still wearing the same long hairstyle – and looking like everyone else?  Why aren’t top talents doing more to motivate too many fashion designers who just don’t care enough about the hair.  Isn’t it time we had a serious and strong hairdressing association, who can work together on trends, just as fashion designers do?

Why is someone we all love in the hair world over $10 Million in debt?

Why are so many on Pinterest now with just their names.  No idea who they are.

Why do too many not so slim people wear leggings? They do not look good on those not so slim. And showing a bum when not so slim is really, well, obscene. I am fed up with leggings, the whole look, except on the very very slim!

Why don’t any stores in the US have really lightweight umbrellas for us to carry around? Please someone get the Fulton very lightweight umbrella so I can replace mine from years ago, bought in London.

Why do hardly any fashionable evening gowns, especially long ones, not have long sleeves? Not everyone wants to –  or should – wear sleeveless or short sleeves. And isn’t it about time, major designers did more cool gowns and everything over size 10?

Why do even long nightgowns, which can be very sexy, end mid-calf, which is not sexy at all?

Why do so many winter boots and sneakers have white soles this year? The trend is so impractical. And they will be last year’s has-beens next year for sure.   For more Why Blogs, click here