Large Loose Wonderful Wedding Waves – 2017

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Large Loose Wonderful Wedding Waves – 2017

Photo: Nathan Mays

Any bride would love this smooth shiny style with romantic large loose waves for her wedding day. Long lasting beautiful texture was created by Sherri Jessee. Sherri’s Hair Salon, using a 1 ¼” ceramic curling iron. “Be sure to spray each section with a heat protecting spray before you curl it,” she advises, “and clip each section on base. Allow the hair to cool, brush out the dry set with a soft bristle brush. Form the hair into soft waves and spray for shine and hold.” – First page of Helen Oppenheim  Peluquerias Magazine column, May 2017  issue.

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA … Product Enzo Milano Ceramic Curling Iron … Photo: Nathan Mays