The Monocle Fashion Fad – ’60s

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The Monocle Fashion Fad – '60s

Collage by (from Contacts)

“Monocles – or should they be called MODacles?” said Women’s Wear Daily in a ’60s article on “what the young-with-its are starting to favor in Montreal.”   The photos here, which I produced and did PR for, are from contacts but you can get the idea. Walter F. (Wally) Baril, VP of R. F. Baril, a 40 year old Montreal firm with three optician retail stores at the time, felt it was a “logical return to the once popular monocle, formerly worn by fops of a bygone era.”  The monocles came in colored rims –   leather-covered, snakeskin, or fur, or could be a fabric to match a dress. They came boxed in three different colors and with a half a dozen ribbon changes. A favorite was one rimmed in black and white stripes (top right.)  It just takes a little practice to wear a monocle but the fashion impact would be worth it. What fun?  Anyone want to start the fashion fad for the 21st Century?

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe, Montreal, ’60s … Model Top Row: Ulla Moreland.


15 Soft Cubism – Inspiration

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15 Soft Cubism 1979- WWD/YSL

Soft Cubsim 1979 – Inspiration

This 1979 Yves Saint Laurent sketch in Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) from his latest collection  Vidal Sassoon’s Soft Cubism campaign in 1979.  The YSL collection was a huge success I thought it an ideal idea to translate into our first campaign for Vidal Sassoon USA.