Color Your Roots The Easy Way @ Home – 2020

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Color Your Roots The Easy Way @ Home - 2020

Video by Sherri Jessee

This YouTube Video with Covid Kit Instructions by Sherri Jessee, one of many she has produced on hair and makeup, shows you how to color your roots the easy way at home.  Of course, unless you are a lucky client of the Sherri Jessee Hair Salon in Virginia, you will need to ask your own hair colorist to be kind enough to send you your formula and a hair color brush, or to tell  you where you can purchase your color, developer and a brush.  But hoping you have a caring colorist, here is what you can do, step by step with many details how to do this.  For How To, CLICK BELOW

The alternatives are spray on or dust on a temporary hair color cover, which will last until you shampoo your hair.  I use Color Wow Root Cover Up, which is easy to apply.



FKA Twigs/Forehead Hair Action– 2012-14

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FKA Twigs/Forehead Hair Action– 20012-2014

FKA Twigs Collage by

I love, love, love all the forehead action and kiss curls on FKA Twigs (née Tahliah Barnett) who is an English multi-talented musical phenom – a singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, director and star performer (with band) of music albums and videos.

Born of a Spanish Mother and a Jamaican Father,Twigs is about to start a World Tour in England on October 2, ending in Florida on December 3, 2014. Check her Facebook page ( for a full listing of her Concerts in countries, towns and cities, which include Paris and all over Europe, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and more. You can also download her music on her Facebook page and/or see it on her YouTube Channel. The music has been described as “ethereal, twisted R&B” (The Guardian UK) and her first full Album LPI got her half a page in The New York Times, where I fell in love with her hair, which rocks and pops with some Frida Kahlo influences, and plenty to inspire the hair world. I don’t know who did her hair, have asked around, not found out yet, will post if/when I find out. Along with any credits for the photos, which include:

Matthew Stone for I.D, Magazine (Top Left) … Dominick Sheldon for The New York Times( Bottom Right) … Dazed and Confused (Bottom Left + Center)… (Top Center)