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#MBFW  Boring Hair Alert – 2015

Red Alert


I am talking to you. Hairdressers. Fashion Designers. Fashion Stylists. The hair at most, not all, but most Fashion Week shows in New York is what is called nothing hair, boring hair. If this goes on, dear hairdressers, dear fashion designers and dear fashion stylists, you will all lose your sponsors in the hair world. Take note, many hair sponsors who pay a pretty penny to help sponsor Fashion Week shows opted out of New York Fashion Week altogether for Fall 2015.   They just did not participate in this important event and will, I suspect, do less next season. Why? Well, it shouldn’t take Einstein to work out that boring nothing hair season after season doesn’t get the hair manufacturers, um sponsors, the press they could get. And the media, certainly the professional press, are not getting the response they need to go on giving Fashion Week shows the space. Therefore, it is not worth anyone’s while spending all that money, giving all that space, that could be better spent on other events. Not at Fashion Week.

Solution? Well, it’s not easy. Because the Fashion Designer and the Fashion stylists rule, make the decision they want all those ponytails, all those unflattering mid-parted long nothings, even more unflattering when tucked behind both ears. Really, gorgeous models can wear anything but mere mortals cannot. And the caring press are tired of filling their pages with the same nothing boring hair every season and having to try to make news out of nothing new.

Hairdressers, it could be up to you. Come up with more exciting yet acceptable hairstyles that the fashion designers and fashion stylists cannot resist. Don’t just do a thousand shows, therefore not having the time to be creative and having to accept what the fashion designer and fashion stylists feel safe seeing on their models. Come up with some … creative ideas.   If communication between the interested parties does not improve, all interested parties will find it harder and harder to get their Fashion Week shows sponsored. It will be a lose-lose instead of a win-win situation. The writing is on the wall. Don’t just sweep this under the carpet. Take note. Act.

Some hairdressers and some fashion designers and some fashion stylists do get the message, not many. Some who do will be on my website soon. Stay tuned …



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