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That Messy Meghan Markle Hair – 2018


There’s a fine line between messy hair that works and messy hair that does not. I love Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Serge Normant, who I know is a great hairdresser, not just because I have photographed him and his work backstage at some top New York Fashion Week Shows, but because he is also the hairdresser of choice for Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few big names. But, sadly, Meghan’s hair, her signature messy chignon, for her wonderful Royal Wedding was, well, a mess.  And ruined her whole lovely  look for the wedding, and posterity.  I suspect the style was her choice, not that of her hairdresser, who wanted to please her, and he surely must have been going bonkers, as I was, during the ceremony with those stray hairs escaping, dipping more and more on one side of  her forehead, and all over. Meghan’s hair was not a pretty picture.  Ouch! For more on the subject, see the Jenna Rosenstein Harper’s Bazaar article “Meghan Markle’s Stray Wedding Hairs Have The Internet Freaking Out” – CLICK HERE

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