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The Night Manager TV Series AMC – 2016


The six part BBC hit miniseries, The Night Manager premieres on Tuesday, April 19 at 10/’9C on AMC. Watch the “contemporary interpretation” of John Le Carré’s best selling spy novel, starring John Hiddelston as the hotel manager, Jonathan Pine,  Hugh Laurie as Paul Roper, an international billionaire businessman/arms dealer, Elizabeth Debicki, shown here with a short haircut, as the beautiful Jed, Angela Burr as Olivia Coleman, who runs an enforcement agency and is on a private crusade to bring Roper down. My spy (!) who has seen the series in the UK, gives it a rave review, and tells me “the first episode is a bit dark, but hang in there.” He also says the sets and locations are lavish, wonderful, and this is a must-see series. More click HERE  and for a preview click HERE 

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