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Three Flattering Photos of Helen – 2014-16

Photos: © Paul Morejón

Here’s three very flattering photos of me, Helen Oppenheim, all taken at Nancy & Harry’s ’70s/’80s Fashion Reunion Parties by Paul Morejón from 2014 to 2016 at Parlour and Café Un Deux Trois.  The photos are so amazing, I thought to myself if he can take photos this great of me, imagine what he can do photographing gorgeous young models for me at shows I could not make for New York Fashion Weeks. I was right. You can see his New York Fashion Week photos archived forever on my website – – most albums for 2016, some are photos by me, but many are by the photographer who can flatter anyone. Maybe you.
Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Photos: © Paul Morejón

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