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Tim Miller With Pearls on MSNBC – 2022

Photos Helen Oppenheim, Fred J. DeVito. Collage:

Sign of the times.  Former RNC Spokeman, Tim Miller, wore a simple strand of pearls when the MSNBC Contributor was being interviewed yesterday./ I think we can now safely say a man wearing pearls is mainstream!   After all, he is, or was, a Republican, even if a “never Trumper.”  Some trendies who have worn pearls over the last year are – from top to bottom – Romero Jennings, Director Makeup Artistry for Mac Cosmetics, backstage at the Frederick Anderson S/S 2022 New York Fashion Week Show … Kenneth Delio Loo,, Entrepreneur and guest, at the Tombogo  S/S NYFW Show  ….  Model wearing his own pearls backstage before the Tanner Fletcher F/W 2022 NYFW Presentation, hair by Mike Martinez for Cutler/Redken.

Photos: Tim Miller: Helen Oppenheim with thanks to MSNBC TV … Top to Bottom: Romero Jennings and Kenneth Delio Loo: Helen Oppenheim … Model: Fred J. DeVito


  1. Jun 29, 2023

    I want to know about the binto bean posters behind him.whad do they mean

    • Jul 1, 2023

      I don’t really know but i think he supports avant-garde artists.

  2. Jun 23, 2022

    Yes, more and more men are wearing pearls.

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