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Top NYC Beauty Salons Merge - 2016

Left: Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler/Page Six … Right: Eiji Yamane and Sahag Workshop

Now four top New York City salons have merged to become two top salons.  First merger – Louis Licari with Rodney Cutler, seen here in a New York Post Page Six article, are now merged to become the Licari Cutler Salon, 693 Fifth Avenue in the Takashimaya building between 54 and 55 Streets.  Blending together Louis Licari, the superstar colorist to the superstars with a degree in painting from Syracuse University, famous for his Ambush Makeovers on NBC’s Today Show, also the forerunner of foils, and Australian-born Rodney Cutler, whose talented teams create stylish hair for umpteen New York Fashion Week Shows, also stylist to the stars and with Redken since 2002.   Will they all cut with razors? Staff dramas happening …

Starting next week, with the help of someone who worked for both, Jutta Weiss (also Cyndi Lauper’s hairdresser), Eiji Yamane and some ten or fifteen of his staff, move from the Armani building at 601 Madison Avenue to join The Sahag Workshop in their famous salon at 425 Madison Avenue and 49th Street.  Eiji learned all about dry cutting when the legendary John Sahag opened his first workshop in 1985, but some eight years later went on to open his own Salon Eiji, where he kept the famous Sahag dry cutting technique alive, along with many ex-Sahag talents, including fab stylist, Cynthia Varon, fab colorist, Dario Arias, and more.  Now they are all back.  Will there be enough chairs?! Staff dramas ahead …


  1. Jan 16, 2020

    Great post.It is giving detail about top NYC beauty salons. It is very helpful and useful information.Thank you for sharing this information..

    • Jan 16, 2020

      Thank you for finding (!) liking and posting a Comment about this 2016 post. Update. Sadly, the two mergers didn’t work out, either of them. Louis Licari closed his salon in 2018, goodbye Cutler. Who still has his own salons. Licari is now merged with Mizu on Park Avenue.

      Eijie Yamane departed working at the Sahag Workshop and is now back on Madison Avenue somewhere else (nothing announced online). Jutta Weiss also left Sahag, and Eijie, and now works in a downtown salon when she isn’t traveling the world working wonders with Cyndi Lauper’s hair cuts, styles and colors.

  2. Apr 23, 2016

    Great write-up. I think it is a good paring for Sahag. It is definately a positive move to secure the Legacy. Now all they need is proper PR. Thank you Helen for this great work.
    Much Love and Respect

    • Apr 23, 2016

      William. Thank you for the “great write-up” for the posting a comment.
      So dry cuts will hopefully be important again, at Sahag.

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