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UpDo Done And Undone  – 2015

Photo: © Nico Lliev

This is “an intermix of beauty and destitution. I wanted hair to be done and undone at the same time,” stated Lindsey Olsen. She was inspired by the women arriving at Ellis Island early last century, also disheveled women during the depression in the ’30s, many of whom still managed to look elegant and classic, she said of her 2015 NAHA-nominated knock-out style.

Hair: Lindsey Olsen, Lindsey Olsen Salon, Lockport, Il … Products: Redken Guts 10, Iron Shape 11, Powder Grip 01, Fashion Work 12, Control Addict 28 … Sam Villa Texture Iron … Makeup: James Vincent … Fashion Styling: Miranda Cazin … Photo: Nico Lliev

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