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Veil Alert from NY Fashion Week – Fall 2015

Photos: Left and Center: © Helen Oppenheim … Right: © Sherri Jessee

This is a Veil Alert. Seen on Scene at NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015.   Veils. For day and night. Formal. And casual. Very casual. As with a knit cap. Seen here, left, on Danijela Lazarevic, complete with headphones as she worked as a Producer for the Mongol show … To the right, is Eliza Jordan wearing a turban with veil … and in the center, the more formal veil, a cloud of tulle, worn with leather and bare skin on a frigidly cold day by Jazmin Ivy Rodriguez.  This is a hot trend for hairstyles as well as hats …

For larger photos, more Fab Fashionistas Seen on Scene, check out the first two albums, just up on the website, click here: 

Photos: Left and Center: © Helen Oppenheim … Right: © Sherri Jessee. Collage:


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