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Verity Before Her Mullet Haircut – 2020

Photos: Verity  Pascarl … Collage by

This is 19 year old Verity Pascarl with her red and purple hair which she has been cutting and coloring herself since the lockdown .  On August 31, she is going to get a Modern Mullet haircut to help raise money for a cause close to her heart –  The Black Dog Institute Mullets for Mental Health.   “Please don’t kill me Mum,” she posted when she announced what she will be up to on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Because they are in lockdown again In Melbourne, her boyfriend, Tom, a Science Major with an emphasis on psychology at The University of Melbourne will cut her hair!  Verity is a Film Student at the elite Melbourne University Victoria College of Art.   I have sent her Modern Mullet photo suggestions as in the next blog, plus a few how-to videos for Tom to study. Stay tuned for the result …


  1. Aug 16, 2020

    Aw I love this! Thank you Helen! Hopefully we manage to raise the money:

    • Aug 16, 2020

      Love you love this, Verity. Hopefully you will raise the money.

  2. Aug 16, 2020

    Such a pretty young lady. love her hair colours.

    • Aug 16, 2020

      Yes, very pretty. And she takes good selfies of herself! Thanks for posting

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