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Vidal Sassoon Jeans History – 1980

Illustrations: © Georgine Strathy

Vidal Sassoon History. Here are some rare illustrations, not seen since 1980, from the press release for the Vidal Sassoon Jeans Launch in Canada.  Left, illustrates the story of the Million $ Jeans with De Beers diamonds which were kept in a safe when not in use, which they were for the press events in both Montreal and Toronto!    Right, illustrates how Vidal Sassoon had 50 hostesses and pit girls flashing and dashing about in Vidal Sassoon Jeans and tops at the Montreal Grand Prix, Number 1 winners, all part of the Vidal Sassoon Canadian launch for the jeans and the products.  Illustrations by Montreal’s Georgine Strathy, who I met for lunch at the Rodeo Drive Hotel near the Beverly Hills salon to discuss her participation in the press release visuals. She was Montreal’s Top Fashion Illustrator at the time.   For more on the Canadian Launch, click HERE

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