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Vidal Sassoon's Gold Lamé Rags  - 1981

Photo: © Lorraine Sylvestre

Reposted, because it’s such a good idea. From rags to riches in glam gold lamé rags, hand-made by Avram and the Vidal Sassoon NY staff in 1981.

We also made rags in animal, camouflage and other prints.  The idea to set hair was practical and pretty, a big success with the media at the time, including Vogue, New York Magazine. One could sleep on them while the hair set, and still look good to the man in your life, or one could wander around the home in them, looking more glam than in rollers, and they were good for the health of the hair. The rags were also pretty enough to wear out for a party!   For full story and finished looks, click here: 

Rags: Avram, Vidal Sassoon New York, 1981 … Makeup: Ted Nadel … Model: Kay Romero … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre … Produced by Helen Oppenheim

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