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Vidcat Digital Fashions - 50s to Recent

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New, new, new.  Just launched.  Vidcat Digital, the Online Store for Fashion Show Video Downloads –  exclusive, archives of high-quality fashion videos for the fashion and hair obsessed from the 50s to now.

Be inspired and archive your own videos –  Recent, Retro, Vintage, Backstage.   And there are great vintage black and white fashion newsreels from the 50s and 60s. Watch on your computer, TV or mobile devices. You can purchase an annual subscription and download free sample clips to watch before you purchase.  For more information go to

Screen grabs (still frames) from the videos top left to right: Bill Blass Wide Shoulders, 1985 … Bill Blass fur, 1985 … LaBlanca swimwear with pink hair, 1986 … Bubble Helmet, Julian Macdonald, 1986 … Bridal Hat, Bob Mackie, 1985 … Young supermodels Cindy Crawford, 1980s … and a blonde Linda Evalengista, 1990s … Vidcat Digital Home Page … ’50s Swimwear, sexy then!


  1. Jul 30, 2013

    Pleased you like it, Janet. Wish you every success with your venture, Vidcat Digital.

  2. Jul 30, 2013

    Thanks for reviewing the Vidcat Digital website. I love the photo collage!

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