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 Vivienne Mackinder, WorldGreat – 2010-2013

Photo: © Julia Pogodina

New album just up, a new WorldGreat on the Archives.   Vivienne Mackinder, the award-winning hairdresser’s hairdresser, one of the most prolific talents in the world today.  Photos, Shows. Education. Inspiration.  Innovation.

Here’s one of her 20012 Kool Kids, inspired by the incredible plumage of exquisite roosters and chickens, and Japanese cult-like street trends.    In collaboration with Sue Pemberton, wefts of hair were freehand painted and pinned to the hair for a colorific effect – flamboyant, bright and bold enough to stand out at any club.

For more colorifics, cuts, crimps, dresswork, braiding and brides, click WorldGreats 

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder … Hair Color: Sue Pemberton … Makeup: David Maderich … Fashion Stylist: David Widjaja …  Photo: Julia Pogodina

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