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Why? Messy Hair Is Now Booooring!

Why do so many editorial and lead hairdressers at Fashion Weeks and in the major magazines still mess up beautifully finished hair to look like the model, client or celeb did it themselves or just got out of bed? Surely this undone often-too-messy-for-words look has had its day and is bad for biz?  If clients can do it themselves, there’s no need to go to a hairdresser to do it. Editorial stylists and editors and all involved seem to be fighting the hairdresser in the salon, out to make a living.  Why?  It’s not kind, it’s booooring.  And don’t get me started on the so-called oily, greasy, dirty-looking hair trend still raising its ugly head!  I don’t think smart people want to look like a train wreck or as if they just got caught in a thunder storm.  It’s not that fashion-forward to have horror hair, like on a bad hair day, especially when worn with some of the great fashions out there and on the runways. How many fashion innovators do you see looking like this themselves? Unless they have a lousy hairdresser looking after their hair. But that’s another story.  So why is the fashion world continuing to promote these looks? So many see this feeling as the style of the moment, that they think it is the way to look.  It is not. Come on dear Hairdressers, can’t you start a new trend, and try to motivate editors and fashion stylists/designers with looks that are new, flattering and, dare I say it, creative?

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