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Why don’t more know how easy it is to cover up roots, regrowth, between salon visits when going grey or in need of a touch up? Many people are discovering new products with new technology that not only covers the grey, or whatever, but also make the hair feel as natural as their own hair.  Something that didn’t happen with the cover-up products of yesteryear, when they made the hair feel somewhat sticky or there was residue of some kind. The best so far are powders which are stroked on. Easy peasy. Not messy. Of course, hairdressers and hair colorists with smarts know to recommend these products to clients to use between salon visits because there is often an emergency, or a client can’t get an appointment at the salon when needed desperately, or it is just too expensive to go every 3 weeks when 4 weeks makes more economic sense. These cover up products can give a client that much needed extra few days or even a week, Of course, they vanish with a shampoo but what a great stop gap they can make. Haircolorists who think they are doing themselves harm don’t really care about their clients and do themselves harm in the long run when they think these products will spoil their  business.   Salon owners who are smart actually don’t fight the new technology, the trend, and sell the product at their reception areas because they know there is a need and clients will buy them on the Internet or on Amazon if they don’t sell them!   A few recommended are WOW Color Root Cover Up … RUSK Deepshine Color Touch Up … ORIBE’S Airbrush Touch-Up Spray … and there are more …

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