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WHY? Grey Beards

Why do so many men dye and cover their gray hair yet leave their beards grey?  OMG, some even have a grey moustache too.  Either shave them off, guys, or dye  the beard and moustache too.  Don’t you know a grey beard ages you about 20 years when it is not necessary?!  And it looks ugh – dark hair, white beard. Sigh.  I am amazed how many otherwise  intelligent men are blind to this grooming boo boo. Better to be all grey, if groomed, and the beard isn’t Santa Claus long. Or dye everything.   Add Why? to Search for some more good stuff about this and that …


  1. Sep 2, 2013

    I heartily agree. I find grey beards and mustaches very unattractive.

    • Sep 2, 2013

      Pleased you agree, Linda. It is beyond me why some men dye their hair and not their beards!

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