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7  Vogue Nippon Beauty

Peter Gray Editorials 2004 - 2016

Editorials, 21st Century Innovator
8  Ezel 80s

Ezel Editorials 1980s + 2011-2016

Ezel, editorials, inspirational bio, a video!
2  Paulina Porizkova, Cosmopolitan, 1985

Harry King - 70s/80s

Editorials Celeb Models/Stars, Stories
2  Vivienne Mackinder - 2016

Vivienne Mackinder - 2010 - 2017

Colorifics, crimps, braiding, brides, videos
3  Sharon Blain Infinity - 2015

Sharon Blain - 2005-2016

Hair Art Educator, 7 How-To Videos
1  George Karkoulas

George Karkoulas 1 - 80s/90s

George Karkoulas Photos, Danielle x 8
2 George Karkoulas

George Karkoulas 2 - 80s/90s

George Karkoulas Stunning Sketches
9  Edward Tricomi

Edward Tricomi 1990s/2000s

Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi, High Style
9  Simon Forbes

Simon Forbes 70s/90s

He invented hair extensions

World Greats, hairdressers who are very special.  Peter Gray Editorials  (from 2004) and Peter Gray Hair Art (from 2009) … Harry King Editorials, Stories, big, sexy lion’s mane hair (70s/80s) …Ezel Editorials  (in the 1980s and the present) … Vivienne Mackinder, the award-winning hairdressers’s hairdresser  … Sharon Blain, Hair Art Educator … George Karloulas Photos + Sketches (1980s and 1990s) … Edward Tricomi, co-owner Warren-Tricomi Salons aka Edward Scissorhands … Angelo Seminara, evocative, unique effects … Simon Forbes, who invented hair extensions.

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